Elemental eSport is an Organization since October 2017 with talented professional players with main focus on CS:GO, League of Legends and Heroes of the storm. We all share a huge passion for eSport and the reason we are ready to go into a new age with the help of our talented gamers.

We are always ready to answer questions from fans or friendly and knowledgeable advice with fast response times.

-Sadik Yilmaz, CEO

CS:GO Team

ID Name Join Date Role
ID Name Join Date Position

League Of Legends Team

ID Name Join Date Role

Fortnite Team

ID Name Join Date
Zaus Frederik Bjørnbo Andersen 31-01-2019


Elemental eSports Staff
ID Name Position Join Date
SadikReis Sadik Yilmaz CEO/Founder 01-10-2017
Heckman Mikkel Faust Lind Server Technician 23-03-2018
norten Marcus Norton Quistgaard Graphics Designer 17-07-2018
Unreal Viking Patrick Viking Rasmussen Fortnite Manager 29-01-2019
Minecraft Server Staff
ID Name Position Join Date
Rust Server Staff
ID Name Nickname Position Join Date
76561198101254863 Lea Kohlhase LaLeLaLu Admin 10-06-2018
CS:GO Server Staff
ID Name Server Position Join Date
Twitch Staff
ID Name Join Date
tigoline Line Nielsen 21-10-2018

Earnings & Awards

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